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About Our School

Welcome to Nursery Road Elementary School-Arts Magnet

Nursery Road Elementary School

 Nursery Road Elementary School- Arts Magnet

Nursery Road Elementary School-AM (NRES-AM) is a neighborhood school that is located ten miles west of Columbia, South Carolina. It is one of thirteen elementary schools in Lexington/Richland School District Five. Nursery Road opened its doors in 1980 with a little over a thousand students in grades kindergarten through five. It was built to relieve overcrowding at Irmo Elementary, a neighboring school approximately four miles away. It soon became the largest elementary school in the district. The sixth grade was added in 1982. Overcrowding continued to be a problem until H. E. Corley Elementary, another neighborhood school, opened in 1991 and the sixth grade went back to middle school in 1992. Currently, we have 498 students enrolled in 4K to 5th grades.  In addition to the core subjects, each student also takes an array of Academic Arts classes to compliment the core curriculum.  These classes include General Music, Visual Art, Dance, Instrumental Music, Physical Education, Computer Keyboarding, and Spanish.  Fifth grade students also have the option of taking strings. 

The Administrative Team at Nursery Road consists of a Principal, an Assistant Principal and an Administrative Assistant Principal. Our students, families, and community know that we are Home of the Champions.

Nursery Road has many structures, services, and programs in place to support our Champions. We believe that our goal is to meet the needs of all of our students academically, socially, and emotionally.  Our goal is that all of our students grow to reach their fullest potential while at Nursery Road.  Our school Leadership Team which consists of teachers and staff, our Instructional Team which consists of four instructional coaches and the three Administrators, and our school committees which includes all our teachers are all a part of that process.  We realize that it takes a team effort with support from our families and communities.  We look forward to continuing teaching, learning, and growing at Nursery Road Elementary School-AM, Home of the Champions.  

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